photography + architecture

On the surface contemporary architecture appears easy, almost simplistic in its world view. The modern design is devoid of what shouldn’t be included. It is those countless hours of thought, sketch, and scribble that lay in the waste can before any outsider can unknowingly gravitate to a project if done correctly. As Thom Mayne of Morphosis put it…”Architecture is a way of seeing, thinking and questioning our world and our place in it.”

Yes, I was in fact an architect. It was the click of a camera shutter that changed my life forever though. There was something much more satisfying in hearing that click than sketching a building for me. When I realized that many of the greatest photographers were using the principles of design to create their photographs, much in the same manner that I designed a building, photography became an obsession. It became my voice. Photography opened the gates to the world and allowed my introvert-self access to anyone or anything as long as camera was in hand.

As a photographer I understand your needs as an architect, builder or interior designer. I consequently view architecture and photography much differently than either the sole architect or photographer. I see your design cues, then attempt to translate them into a visual experience.

I am photographing a constructed piece of art and craftsmanship for an artist, by an artist. I seek out firms that produce the work that I personally loved as an architect.

Unlike many of today’s photographers, I don’t walk into a project and plan on bombarding it with artificial light. That doesn’t highlight a well thought out design. My job is to discover the goal of your project, to feel its emotion, to understand its place in this world and on its site. Only then can my photographs tell your story. 

photo + arc is the culmination of years of experience in two similar yet different artistic endeavors. If you have a project that needs to be captured visually drop us a note from our contact page. We would love the opportunity to work with you.

~ jay goodrich